Maxibright Daylight LED 660w pro

A major evolution in the design of the original, immensely popular 660W LED from Maxibright! This completely reworked fixture now bears the Pro name, bringing you even more PAR output and an ability to control multiple units through one controller thanks to iLink technology. On top of that, you get IP65 protection from humidity and a lifespan of >50,000 hours. If you want real bang for your buck, there’s arguably no better option on the market at the moment!


Fixture efficiency of 2.7μmol per Watt (PPF of 1782μmol)
Full spectrum light output with added red light
6x LED bars for uniform distribution over 1.5m x 1.5m
Remote dimmer switch – 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%
Manage multiple fixtures via a single controller
Slimmer, lighter and fresher-looking design
Easier assembly – clip-on bars
Osram and LUMLED LED chips
Heavy duty hanging brackets
IP65 ingress protection coating
Plug & play – 1 person installation
Mega Efficiency – Extra Yield, Similar Power
At 2.7μmol per Watt and 1782μmol total, you get way more plant usable light with a Maxibright Daylight LED Pro than from a high-end HPS fixture (typically 1.9μmol)! When you also factor in the overall output of 660W, that’s a seriously impressive intensity for insane levels of growth and flowering!

Remember, a 1% light increase equates to around a 1% yield increase. So if you already have a 600W HPS, you can get a bigger yield in the same area by switching to a Maxibright Daylight 660W LED Pro – all without increasing your energy usage or heat output. And since it doesn’t kick out any extra heat, extraction costs won’t rise either.

LED Bars Vs. LED Lenses
The Maxibright Daylight 660W LED Pro doesn’t use lenses to distribute light like compact LED models (e.g. Telos). Instead, it has 6 bars and creates uniform coverage by actually positioning the LEDs physically above all plants in a set area (150cm x 150cm).

The fixture itself is 112cm x 107cm x 7cm (tall). All plants are directly under the source of light, so you don’t get hot or cold spots. And because the light isn’t directed out and away from the fixture, you also lose less light to walls.

Full Spectrum LED
Osram and LUMLED LEDs are used on the Maxibright Daylight 660W Pro to create a broad light spectrum with lots of UV & far red.

We don’t sell purple LEDs at GroWell – this is down to the fact that they’re not full spectrum lights. For true, healthy growth, plants need a full spectrum. Full spectrum LED grow lights emit a light that’s white. These are the only LED lights we sell.

To create a full daylight spectrum, the Maxibright Daylight 660W LED Pro uses:

LUMLED White LED: 2.85μmol/W
Osram Red LED: 3.8 μmol/W
Overall average LED efficiency: 3.15μmol/W
Fixture efficiency: 2.7μmol/W
Passive Cooling
No noisy internal fans are used to cool the Maxibright Daylight 660W LED Pro. Heat is dissipated passively, which keeps it quiet. And with zero moving parts, you also prolong the life of the unit.

You may have noticed that we don’t sell any LEDs that use a fan to dissipate heat. All of the lights we support use passive heat cooling. This reduces the potential failure rate massively.

Maxibright Daylight PRO 660W LED – Efficiency Data
PPF (μmol/s) (Tested at 22°C) 1782
Fixture efficiency using input power (660W) (μmol/J) 2.7
Fixture efficiency using LED power (607W) (μmol/J) 2.84
Average LED efficiency (μmol/J) 3.15
LUMLED white LED chip efficiency (μmol/J) 2.85
Osram red LED chip efficiency (μmol/J) 3.8


Maxibright Daylight PRO 660W LED – Product Data
Dimensions (cm) 112 x 107 x 7.1
Net Weight (kg) 8.8
Gross Weight (kg) 11.2
Input Current (A) 3.25
Input Power (W) 660
Supply Voltage (V) 120-277
Supply Frequency (Hz) 50/60
IP Rating IP65
Life Span (hours) >50,000
Light Angle (°) 120
Working Temperature (°C) 0 to +40