Lumatek Hammertone DE Reflector

Lumatek Hammertone DE Reflector is specially designed and manufactured in Britain. Reflector is only suitable for 1000W 400V Double-Ended DE Lamps for high pressure sodium. Which are by far the most efficient in the market. Miro is used as reflector surface reflecting more than 95% light.

Lumatek Hammertone DE Reflector has been designed and engineered in the United Kingdom. Specifically for use with 400V Double-Ended HPS grow lamps. The most efficient lamps in the industry offering the highest PAR output value, currently available.


The reflector comes flat-packed for easy storage and shipping and is easily assembled with clear instructions. Therefore Lumatek DE reflector is available separately. Or with the remote Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V dimmable e-ballast. And the Lumatek 1000W 400V DE lamp as a complete kit. The best Performing horticultural lighting technology at exceptional value and unbeatable prices.

The professional 1000W 400V DE electronic high frequency. HPS horticultural lamps are the most efficient lamps in the industry producing the most amount of PAR.

Spectrum (grow) light and as such are the number 1 choice for greenhouse &  indoor plant cultivation & horticulture professionals.

The Lumatek Hammertone DE Reflector is powered and controlled using a Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V fully dimmable electronic ballast. Which then connects to 240V mains supply. And drives a 1000W 400V DE HPS lamp producing 2100 micromols / sec PPF. (compare to best Performing 240V 1000W lamp producing 1850 micromol / sec ). There is a choice of reflector material of either Miro or Hammertone Aluminum to direct the light spread onto the plant canopy.

Key Specifications / Special Features:

  • Designed for use with industry leading 1000W 400V DE grow lamps with highest PAR micromol rating
  • Available in 95% reflective Miro or Hammertone Aluminum
  • German-manufactured DE mogul socket
  • Also Flat packed with easy assembly instructions
  • Rated for lamps up to 1000W
  • Only Available separately or as 1000W 400V lighting kit
  • Also More light = more yield

The Lumatek DE is a reflector designed in the UK and especially for the use of lamps HPS 1000W-400V  Double Ended (DE), Also which are the most efficient lamps with the best return.

Also it is perfectly compatible with the HPS Professional 1000W 400V-DE is the best in the horticultural market with its PAR ratio.

Specific Lumatek DE:

  • To use the lamp 1000W 400V OF whose PAR ratio is the best available in 95% or hammered aluminum Miro
  • German socket
  • Flat pack with easy installation instructions
  • For lamps up to 1000w
  • Also with or without his kit complete lamp + ballast
  • Length: 60cm x Depth: 60cm x Height: 20cm

Light bulbs and ballast s sold separately.


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