Lighthouse Heater 2KW

Lighthouse 2KW Greenhouse Heater is a great way to help maintain constant temparatures during the difficult cooler months, creating even, radiated warmth for larger sized rooms and areas. While the heater helps greatly in the cooler months, it also doubles as an air circulator: you can set it to a ‘no heat’ option and just use the fan. There’s also a ‘half power’ mode that heats the room at 1kw. It also features a controllable thermostat to keep your room optimal at all times. Note that, when the heater switches off, the fan stays on.

  • Helps maintain consistent temperatures
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • 3 settings – fan only, half power and full power
  • Temperature range from 0c – 85c
  • Comes with a fitted power cord and a plug with 10 amp fuse
  • Solid and robust design
  • Quiet running
  • Made from stainless steel and coated with protection oil at production
  • Can be used elsewhere in the home – warehouse, garage, outbuilding, conservatory or workshop

23cm x 19cm x 32cm

How this Heater Works:

To grow successfully, you’re going to need to maintain a consistent environment. Plants thrive at temperatures of around 25-28 degrees centigrade during the ‘lights on’ period and at 18 degrees in darkness. As winter approaches, maintaining these temperatures can become difficult without some form of supplementary heating, especially during hours when lighting is switched off. For this reason, we recommend the use of a this heater whenever readings drop below optimal levels.

The greenhouse heater runs at a wattage of either 25w for fan only, 1000w for half heating power and 2000w for full heating and will heat a area of 20m2 with ease, with an air output of 186m2 per hour.

Using the Lighthouse 2KW Greenhouse Heater

Place the unit in a sensibale area away from liquids, ensuring that the heater dosen’t come into contact with any extrenal materials such as tent fabric, plastics or plant matter.

One strategy to get the most from your greenhouse heater during colder months is to schedule the heater to switch on as the lights turn off, at the beginning of the dark cycle. As heat from lighting equipment dissipates, the Lighthouse Greenhouse Heater will provide enough warmth to maintain temperatures in the correct range for small grows during dark hours. This will, of course, be dependent on the surroundings.


When using the heater for the first time you may notice a slight emission of smoke, this is quite normal and it stops after a short time the smoke is caused by the left oil when heating.To avoid overheating do not cover the heater.