Isomax Fans

Isomax Fans are tube style fans, designed to be efficient, powerful and yet very quiet in operation. Iso Max uses a stator-rotor system that enables it to be efficient both in air performance and power consumption. Iso-Max are unique in that they are both a fan and an integrated silencer. It has a full metal housing and for noise-reduction a special type of foam is added, it’s low weight, strong air performance and quietness makes Iso-Max the most advanced choice for a grow room ventilation.

Iso-Max Fans utilise the low energy and high performance motor of the Ruck Etaline fan series. These motors can deliver large volumes of air, even when carbon filters and complicated ducing systems are installed. Built around aerodynamic efficiency, the Etaline motor is situated inside a sealed, acoustically designed, silenced housing. This not only insulates the noise from the motor and air movement, but also provides hanging points at either end for easy mounting. The overall result is a surprisingly lightweight and powerful fan that keeps noise to a minimum. The IsoMax 150 has an integrated 3 speed controller to get the right speed to noise ratio.


The Can IsoMax Fan is German made with an integrated silencer in a metal casing, resulting in very low noise levels. The Iso-Max fan (Airforce 2) has 2 propellers, 1 rotor & 1 Stator. This enables the fan to produce a uniform jet of air, making less contact with the ducting, resulting in less pressure fall and therefore higher efficiency. It comes pre-wired and has an integrated thermal switch which prevents overheating. Easy to hang with built in hangers on the top of the fan.

Isomax Acoustic Duct Fans are renowned for their exceptionally high build quality. They have a reputation for being the best fans available for using in hydroponics and aeroponics. They are both incredibly quiet and extremely lightweight. Features of Isomax Acoustic Fans include silencing technology built into the system so that they are whisper-quiet, despite the high torque motor that generates a powerful air flow that can be fully regulated for maximum effect. The motor is also efficient and energy saving – benefiting as it does from Swiss technology. The Isomax Acoustic Fans are one of the most reliable and hassle free fans on the market, offering a premium quality product at an affordable price.

The noise from fans can be further reduced with the use of acoustic or phonic trap ducting. The noise level can also be reduced by fitting a fan controller to reduce the rate the fan spins at.

Available Isomax Fans:

FanSize (inch) Size (inch) Amp Max Flow Rate Power Consumption Dimensions (diameter x Length) Noise level
150mm ISOMAX 6 0.2A 410 m3/h 52w 230 x 680mm 60dB
200mm ISOMAX 8 0.6A 870 m3/h 128w 260 × 680mm 55dB
250mm low power ISOMAX 10 0.9A 1480 m3/h 160w 290 × 350mm 52dB
250mm high power ISOMAX 10 1.7A 2380 m3/h 290w 310 × 350mm 61dB
315mm low power ISOMAX 12 1.7A 2380 m3/h 280w 350 x 680mm 54dB
315mm high power ISOMAX 12 3.2A 3260 m3/h 530w 350 x 680mm 61dB