Ionic Hydro Bloom

Ionic Hydro Bloom Is a one-part hydroponic nutrient suited for the flowering or fruiting stage. It has a dilution ratio of 1:100 and is a great nutrient for beginners. IONIC Hydro nutrients are formulated specifically for hydroponic cultivation.

Ionic Hydro Bloom is complete in every elemental detail and balanced for precise delivery of nutrients to the plant.

  • Made with mineral salts, not chemicals
  • Very easy to use 1-part nutrient – ideal for beginners
  • Ideal for use in hard water areas. Also available in a formulation for soft water areas
  • Formulated for the flowering/fruiting stage in hydroponics
  • Precisely balanced and manufactured for great results
  • Perfect for use with Ionic Boost (available separately)

What is the NPK of Ionic Hydro Bloom?

IONIC nutrients are manufactured by a unique process, which creates large molecules containing the crucial elements of growth. This allows precise delivery of balanced nutrients directly into the plant in a way that has never before been possible.

NPK: 4-5-8

Hard Water or Soft Water?

If you live in an area with hard water, try the Ionic Hard Water formula. Being more acidic, Hard Water formula will reduce the amount of acid needed to control the pH and thus reduce the chance of phosphate accumulation. Ionic Hard Water solution is specially formulated to take account of the minerals, such as calcium, that are usually present in hard water. Ionic Hard Water formulas reduce the problems associated with hard water and allow the grower to maintain the tank for longer periods between changes.

Although Ionic liquid hydroponic nutrients are designed for hydroponics use, they can be applied at a weaker strength to supplement soil.

These are great for using in conjunction with the NFT Grow tanks listed on our site. Also these fit nicely into our Led kits and keep giving good results time after time.

Available Sizes: Ionic Hydro Bloom 5L, Ionic Hydro Bloom 20L