Ionic Coco Bloom

Ionic Coco Bloom is a great one-part nutrient for flowering plants grown on Coco. Ionic is very simple to use but still gives you excellent results!

  • Made with mineral salts, not chemicals
  • Very easy to use 1-part nutrient – ideal for beginners
  • Especially designed for flowering plants in Coco
  • Formulated for the flowering/fruiting stage
  • Precisely balanced and manufactured for great results
  • Perfect for use with Ionic Boost (available separately)

How Coco Bloom Works:

Ionic Coco Bloom is an easy-to-use 1-part nutrient for plants grown in Coco during the flowering/fruiting phase. All the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth are contained within the one bottle so there’s no measuring and mixing of separate A&B parts. Ionic Coco Bloom is really simple to use but still produces very pleasing results. For best results it is necessary to use Ionic Coco Bloom with Ionic Boost (available separately).

How to use:

For use in the flowering/fruiting stage on plants grown in Coco. Add up to 7ml/Litre of Ionic Coco Bloom to your water to achieve the required strength and mix well. We recommend using a syringe or beaker for accurate measurement of this product and a CF/EC/PPM meter such as the Bluelab Truncheon to check the TDS. Ionic recommend an E.C. of 1.5 for growing on Coco. Adjust strength as necessary. Add 1ml/Litre of Ionic Boost (available separately). Next, add any other additives and boosters you wish to use and again mix well. Adjust the pH of the solution to the required level using pH up or down as necessary. We recommend the use of a pH meter such as the Horticare pH meter to help accurately set the pH to the required level.

Please ask a member of staff for the recommended nutrient strength and pH range for the particular type of plant that you wish to Bloom as different types of plant have different nutrient strength requirements. The ideal nutrient strength may also vary depending on the Bloom stage of a plant.

Recommended dosage – 7ml/Litre

Recommended E.C. – 1.5

Recommended pH range – 5.5-6.2

NPK – 1.5-1.4-3.1