HydroTops Root Stimulator 25L

Create the Perfect Root Foundations with Hydrotops Root Stimulator

The foundations of good growing practice starts with the roots, whether it be in soil, coco or hydroponic medias. Hydrotops Root Stimulator supplies the energy and organic stimulus to build this solid root foundation, as well as a range of plant refined hormones and enzymes to further aid plant development above and below ground. Hydrotops Root Stimulator also combines perfectly with Hydrotops Bactivator, maximizing root growth to dizzying heights and as we all know more roots means more fruits.

  • Helps to create a solid root foundation
  • Supplies energy and organic stimulus for fast rooting, healthy plants
  • Contains plant-extracted vitamins, enzymes and fulvic/humic acids
  • Teams up perfectly with Hydrotops Bactivator for maximum root producing effects
  • Increases nutrient up take, leading to bumper harvests
  • Aids plant resistance to environmental stresses such as high temperatures
  • Comes in three sizes


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How Hydrotops Root Stimulator Works

The development of an advanced root system is key to the best possible yields, by adding Hydrotops Root Stimulator to your nutrient program you will see an immediate stimulation in the root zone, resulting in a boost of growth and vigour in your crop. Hydrotops Root Stimulator combines various bio-enhancers, such as hormones, co-enzymes, silicon, fulvic and humic acids and a host of vitamins, all-in-one carefully blended feed, allowing for easy assimilation and rapid effect.

The result is a thicker root mass with a greater ability to uptake water, nutrients and oxygen from the nutrient solution or media. As an added bonus, Hydrotops Root Stimulator also increases resistance to unfavourable environmental factors such as high or low temperatures, making root stimulator even more useful when outside factors create indoors problems.

How to Use Hydrotops Root Stimulator

Use Hydrotops Root Stimulator at 5ml-10ml per litre in the seedling / propagation stage and at 10-15ml per litre when in the vegetative stage. Continue to use it at 5-10ml per litre into the first 3-4 weeks of flower before discontinuing thereafter.