Hydrotops Bloom A+B 25L

Hydrotops Bloom A+B concentrates are rich in amino acids and organic plant stimulants offering a natural approach to hydroponic feeding. This set is formulated for when at the bloom stage using the hydro system.

HydroTops Hydro Bloom A + B nutrient is available in 25 litre.

How to use

  • Add ( separately ) equal amounts of both parts of the nutrient concentrates to the full volume of water in the reservoir ( approx. 4ml of each part per litre of water ) until the EC reading is within the desired range.
  • If the solution EC tests lower than desired add equal amounts of both A + B. If higher, add more water until the EC is acceptable.
  • Test the pH with a test kit or pen, and adjust if required.
  • For the best results always aerate your nutrient solution. An additional pump in the reservoir ( agitating the surface of the solution ) and/or an air pump should be used.

Do not use with H202 as this will destroy the organic components in bioponic products.