HydroTops Bactivator x25 Dose

Hydrotops Bactivator is a 100% organic bio-stimulant that’s creates a solid foundation for all growth to come. By naturally recreating the conditions found in rich, organic top soil, Bactivator creates the perfect environment in any media type for your roots to flourish, leading to enhanced, compact vegetative growth and the potential for profuse flower and fruit formation later in the plants life cycle. Hydrotops Bactivator also boost your plants defences against infections such as Pythium by removing waste products and dead root growth from the root zone, preventing any fungal infection from ever taking hold. We strongly recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise with this product to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the beneficial microbes.

Stimulates and protects your root zone
Promotes faster vegetative growth, leading to profuse flower formation
Prevents fungal infections from taking hold
Works in any media: Soil, Coco or Hydro
Contains no plant growth regulators or PGR’s
100% organic
Comes in two sizes

How Hydrotops Bactivator Works
Hydrotops Bactivator comes as two components. The first component comes in a tablet form which comprises of a unique blend of over 40 carefully selected and cultured beneficial microbes and fungi with extra amino, fulvic and humic acids in a suspended state. This blend stays suspended indefinitely until activated by the second component. The second component is a liquid blend of plant hormones, enzymes and microbial catalysts which are designed to stimulate root function and sustain the microbial culture during the initial stages of inoculation.

Once activated, the beneficial microbes, fungi and extra amino acids in the tablet component attach themselves to the root hairs, promoting and boosting root function, allowing the remaining plant hormones, enzymes and catalysts in the liquid component to energize your plant. Hydrotops Bactivator also takes waste products from the root zone and converts them into useable plant nutrition, this increases oxygen levels and further boosts root formation and overall growth.

How to use Hydrotops Bactivator
Bactivator should be added to your reservoir or watering regime on a weekly basis to maintain a good microbial balance in the root zone, with each tablet and dose of liquid capable of treating 50 litres of water per application. Hydrotops Bactivator can also be used with any other nutrient feeds to enhance biological activity in the root zone, however for best results re recommend you use the complete Hydrotops range with Bactivator.