Hydor Theo Tank Heater 50w, 100w & 200w

Hydor Theo Tank Heater 50w, 100w & 200w If you’re looking for a reliable, well made nutrient or aquarium heater, look no further.

The Hydor Theo Shatter Proof glass heaters have been thoughtfully designed and carefully manufactured using the finest components available.

When mixing water and electricity, safety is number one! The exclusive technology guarantee a long lasting, safe product.

Features Include:

  • Patented heating film and special shatterproof glass make this submersible heater virtually unbreakable
  • Easy temperature adjustment – Easily positioned dial enables temperature control to the nearest degree.
  • Patented heating element automatically turns off if water level declines or heater isn’t fully submersed.
  • Indicator light to show when the heater is working
  • Includes suction cups for easy location and fastening.
  • Fitted with power cord and 3 pin plug.

Hydor Theo heaters for Hydroponic nutrient heating really cannot be beaten for durability and reliability.. which is why we do not stock any other in-tank heater!

Made from Shatter-proof glass and thermostatically controlled (easy-read switch at top of heater), these heaters will resist most usual knocks and scrapes in the tank and can even cope with having cold water poured directly over them whilst switched on.

Keeping your nutrient solution at the optimum temperature will ensure optimum growth and yeild. Please see FAQ section of our site for recommended nutrient temperature.

Sizes Available:

SIZE        TANK (UP TO)        LENGTH                WIDTH  HEIGHT

50w            14 gal                                   7″

100w         26 gal                                 8.9″                    2.2″        1.16″

200w         53 gal                                  12″                    2.2″         1.16″