House and Garden Batmix 50L

House and Garden Bat Mix 50L is a premium quality soil mix it contains a blend of german black peat, baltic white peat, perlite, lime and bat guano which provides extra fertiliser for your plants.

Bat Mix can be used in the late vegatitive stage right through your flower stage.

House and Garden Bat Mix carrys the RHP stamp

  • Contains Perlite for excellent oxygenation and drainage
  • Reduces the chances of root rot
  • Made from white and black peat
  • Contains bat guano for added nutrition
  • PH – 6.4
  • EC – 1.2 – 1.5

House and Garden Bat Mix contains added bat guano. The bat guano gets broken down slowly while releasing micro and macro nutrients while protecting your roots and fighting any pathogens.

House and Garden Bat Mix comes with an initial NPK of 14 – 16 – 18 taking the EC between 1.2 – 1.5 and PH of 6.4 because of this we recommend using Bat Mix for re-potting your plants in the last 2 weeks of your vegatitive stage or early in the flowering stage to take full advantage of the bat guano.