Guanokalong Palm Tree Ashes

Guanokalong Palm Tree Ashes is a natural/organic bloom booster.

Palm Tree Ashes are a high quality form of potassium with some phosphorus and magnesium in powder form.

100% organic product and best used in conjunction with Guanokalon Powder, the combination is a must for organic growers.

The ashes are brought to you all the way from an Indonesian island called Sulawesi and are prized for their purity.

Guanokalong Palm tree ashes can be used either as an addition to soil or coco, compost teas and even as a top dressing.

NPK 0-1-30

How to use:

Water with solution of 1 cup (50 ml) to 5 liters of water every 2 weeks in flowering stage.

Mix 2 cups with 15 litres of soil or coco (1 plant) in second week of flowering or use as a top dressing.

Avaiable Sizes: 1kg, 5kg