Growth Technology pH Up 1L

Growth Technology pH Up is a 480 grams/litre solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH) and is very alkaline. It should be handled with extreme care.

This is used mainly by growers who use reverse osmosis water (or rainwater) which have very low pH buffering capacity and the acidic nature of hydroponic nutrients tends to make a nutrient solution with a lower than desired pH. Hence the need to use pH Up.

Safety and Handling

  • always wear gloves and eye protection
  • store in a locked cupboard
  • keep away from children
  • dilute with water before adding to the tank
  • safety data sheets are available

When growing hydroponically, pH Up and Down are essential to any hydroponic gardeners kit. It is extremely important to check and control the acidity of you nutrients.

GT pH Up and Down offers a cost effective and easy way to avoid the risk of over dosing and hurting your plants.

High quality pH adjustment formulation in a safety bottle.

Concentrated so only a little is needed. Always dilute prior to use and take the proper care when using.