GROTEK Heavy Bud Pro 1L

Grotek Heavy Bud Pro is an organic preparation specially designed to maximize crop volume, larger, thicker and heavier flowers.

It contains all the essential nutrients, natural amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates to improve crop quality. This flower stimulator helps to speed up metabolism and increase sugar content. It promotes the formation of essential oils that improve the natural taste of the crop. The basic building block of the preparation is a mixture of four carbohydrates – fructose, glucose, maltose and cellulose. These give the plants clean energy for rapid flowering.

Heavy Bud Pro is suitable for growing in all growing media and systems.

For better effect, we recommend combining with Monster Bloom.


Add 5 ml of Heavy Bud Pro to 1 l of pH-adjusted water during the 3rd to 5th week of flowering.
The dose corresponds to a weekly fertilization cycle. If you fertilize more often, you need to reduce the concentration.