Dense Bud Compactor by Green Planet is a bud fattener that contains plenty of potassium, increasing flower size and thickness more than with any other fattening product.

Potassium is incredibly potent for your plants, as it reacts with over 80 kinds of enzymes that are involved in your plants’ processes. Add it to your water if you want your plants to grow incredibly compact flowers all over thanks to its high K content.

Excess phosphorus can be very toxic for your plants, as they find it hard to absorb. However, by adding in some potassium you can efficiently increase the amount of compact buds your plants’ can produce – it helps your plants to absorb phosphorus too, so that it doesn’t stick around in their substrate.

It will help your plants to photosynthesize much better, regulating the process and increasing internal processes. It also stimulates water transportation and absorption; your plants will look much better and healthier, and their roots will also grow healthier and better, absorbing many more nutrients and CO2.

Dosage and how to use Dense Bud Compactor by Green Plant:

Soil and Coco Coir:

  • Add 1-2g per liter from the third flowering week onwards. Use once a week until the end of the flowering period.
  • We recommend pH and EC control early on and during the entire process.


  • Add 1g per liter to the nutrient solution from the third flowering week onwards.
  • You will absolutely need to measure pH and EC in your nutrient solution so that your plants can grow properly in hydroponic systems.


  • NPK 0-0-62
  • 62% Potassium