Overcome cold conditions to keep your plants healthy and happy – grab a Gorilla 2kW Heater!

Snapshot of features and benefits:

  • Industrial fan heater housed inside a strong metal casing
  • Quickly heats up small-to-medium sized grow spaces (purchase of a separate digital thermostat recommended for precise temperature control)
  • Powerful enough to manage an area of up to 40mᶟ – displaces 120mᶟ/hour
  • Small and compact design – 19.7cm x 19.7cm x 20.5cm (height)
  • Provides you with 2 adjustable heat settings and a basic thermostat
  • Effectively distributes warm air throughout your room thanks to the fan element
  • Suitable for use as an air circulator when the heating function is switched off
  • Safe to run in damp and humid grow room conditions (IP21 protection)
  • Includes a modifiable thermal cutout feature to prevent overheating
  • Only weighs 2.06kg – making it easy to carry and move around

Quickly Combat The Cold!

This industrial unit is perfect for quickly increasing the temperature in small-to-medium-sized grow rooms and tents. A basic thermostat can be found onboard.

But purchasing a digital version and only operating over short periods of time will deliver the best results. Despite the compact design (19.7cm x 19.7cm x 20.5cm) and relatively small stature, the Gorilla 2kw Heater actually has the power to handle an area of up to 40mᶟ if given the opportunity to run for longer durations.

The striking orange-coloured product offers you 2 adjustable heat settings, as well as a strong fan to distribute the warmer air throughout your grow space. The latter mentioned part can also be employed without the heating element for general cooling purposes.

By producing a dry heat, the Gorilla 2kW Heater is safe to use in damp and humid conditions (IP21 protection). It also includes a modifiable thermal cutout feature to prevent overheating.


19.7cm x 19.7cm x 20.5cm (height)



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