Gold Label Special Mix Soil

Gold Label Special Mix Soil is formulated with superior-quality Swedish virgin white peat. Gold Label Special Mix Soil comes in 50-litre bags. It is a complete mix that’s ready to use, right out of the bag. It’s suitable for all plants.


Gold Label Special Mix Soil is super-absorbent. One gram of Gold Label Special Mix Soil can absorb an astounding 10 grams of water. Coarse structured peat is mixed with high-quality perlite, lime, Swedish clay, minerals, organic fertiliser and trace elements. This works to provide nutrients for a complete crop cycle. Gold Label Special Mix Soil provides nourishment to your crop the natural way.


Soil buffers the pH of nutrient solutions, so you don’t need to worry about pH too much. This is ideal for beginners to learn to grow plants, without being punished for mistakes.


Gold Label Special Mix Soil has a coarse structure to promote rapid root growth, anchoring the plant, promoting stability.

  • Made from highest quality Swedish virgin white peat
  • One gram of Special Mix can absorb a stunning ten grams of water
  • Cut into a coarse structure and mixed with only the highest quality perlite, Swedish clay, lime, minerals, trace elements and organic fertilizer
  • A complete mix, ready for use
  • Special Mix contains nutrients for almost a complete crop cycle

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