GHE AquaFarm System 35 Litre (with Pump)

The GHE AquaFarm is a larger version of the GHE WaterFarm. The kit includes a 35 litre reservoir, grow tray, air pump, pumping kit and illustrated easy to follow instructions. This kit comes with Pump. The AquaFarm is a simple quality system that is ideal for medium to long term plants or even small trees. It consists of a small air pump the recirculates the nutrient via a drip ring. The plants sit in the Clay Pebbles or a mixture of Clay Pebbles and Coco Coir. An external see-through tube lets you know when more nutrient is needed. This system uses one pot above the other and the solution is recirculated via a pump and circular dripper around the base of the plant.

Aquafarm Particularly good for keeping Mother Plants or for growing a small number of high yielders. A tidy, self-contained system that feeds water and nutrients through an air pump powered drip ring. This high oxygen environment gives explosive growth and high yields. The WaterFarm ( 30cm x 30cm) is a smaller version of the AquaFarm ( 46cm x 46cm). Requires : 10 litres of Clay Pebbles for the WaterFarm and 20 litres of Clay Pebbles for the AquaFarm.CODE GHEAF