GHC Multifan Controller

GHC Multifan Controller reaches a new level of innovation and precision…

The first of its kind, a digital fan control unit with Digital Air Temp, Relative Humidity & also Light Sensor.  Designed to run and balance virtually all fan types in any combination, day & night. From standard AC fans to modern digital EC fans, the MULTIFAN outperforms the competition!

Therefore Plug & Play, Super versatile and compatible with virtually all ventilation fans, old or new, AC or EC. It doesn’t matter what fans you are using now or what fans you purchase in the future. The MULTIFAN controller is equipped to perform like no other.

The Sensor! Super sensitive with instant reactions, this sensor is a new breed!


We tested every sensor on the market to find nothing but terrible, half hearted results. But They were all slow, un-responsive and inaccurate.

They had high thermal insulating properties, retaining temperature for a long time before & after changes in the grow room air temperature. Absorbed high amounts of infrared radiation from lights, converting it to heat. We found this to be a problem across the board as they all read the surface temperature of the probe, not the air temperature!

This gave us no option but to create our own. A new breed of sensor built for purpose. A sensor that won’t hold back the performance of the controller. Also we needed speed, accuracy and precise performance like no other…

So we did it and did it first! We created the first digital Air temperature, relative humidity & light sensor, able to read and send data faster and more accurately than all its predecessors. On top of this it has the lowest tendency to absorb and retain heat and infrared radiation and the cable is shielded to protect against RF interference.

Now Equipped with a sensor better than ever, we can unleash the full potential of the controller, achieving unparalleled results. We have the ability to sense & control like no controller has before and we’re just getting started.


  • Backlit LCD Screen allows clear viewing whatever the light level!
  • The green light colour has been chosen to reduce light pollution at night, reducing stress on plants. All front panel lights can be turned off easily in the display menu at any time.
  • So Displays current temperature and humidity, set temperature, current intake/exhaust fan speed percentage and day / night period.
  • The LED indicator panel displays fan speed, parameter changes and warning lights. These are easily visible from anywhere in the room and can be turned off in the menu at any time.
  • FAN SPEED INDICATOR: Flasing LED changes frequency according to fan speed percentage.
  • PARAMETER ADJUST: Will light up when the unit senses a change in environment. This is typically followed by an adjustment in fan speed.
  • WARNING LIGHT: Can flash various warning messages indicating problems with fans, sensors or temperatures outside set parameters.
  • Twin AC Sockets allow control of AC fans. These include typical industry inline fans, RVKs, TT Fans & Box Fans.
  • Twin EC ports allow flawless data transfer to any EC fan with 3-Pin cable. The unit works with many EC fans and if not directly compatible, adaptors are available for most fan types.
  • AC & EC ports can be used in any configuration, whether one at a time, in combination or all at once.
  • Single handedly navigate the simple to use menu with the control dial. One dial allows full control of all features, from setting target parameters to viewing min/max temp & humidity.

Aslo Available

GHC Multi Fan Extension Lead