Gavita Wide Room Reflector Only

Gavita Wide Room Reflector Only Specifically developed for your 750w or 1000w Gavita Pro fixture (as well as Hortistar). The W150 DE is a wide spread reflector, it’s designed for larger grow rooms without too much head space or for multi light set ups to increase coverage. However it produces fantastic results when used in a smaller space.

We have tested the wide angle reflector in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent attached to a 1000w Gavita. We found that it significantly reduced hot spots directly below the lamp and drastically increased output towards the sides. Increasing overall yield. We were able to get the light 6-12 inches closer to your plant without risking burning, giving you the ability to grow bigger plants.

Reflectors will naturally degrade over time and will need replacing regularly, ideally yearly. Swapping out your old reflector for this replacement will ensure that your grow lighting is running as efficiently as possible and help to increase efficiency, maximising yields.

  • For double ended 750-1000W HPS lights
  • An absolute doddle to install
  • Maximises the efficiency of your lighting
  • 150 degree beam angle
  • Used with 750w / 1000w double ended (DE) fixtures and lamps


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