Gavita RS1 Controller

Gavita RS1 Remote Switch is a manual light intensity controller. It can be used to switch, dim or boost one or multiple linked fixtures at once. Easily adjust the light intensity of the lamps by just rotating the knob. The RS1 allows you to dim your lamps down to 60% or even boost your lamps up to 115% for extra light intensity.

Control port RJ 6P6C
Warranty 3 years
Article Number HGC990828
EAN code 8718403054591

Features & Benefits

Offset your light intensity
Adjust the light intensity of the lamps by rotating the knob between off and 100%. Rotate the knob to boost for extra light intensity.
The percentage displayed on the RS1 is the percentage of the maximum power of the fixture. eg. 60% = 600 W for a 1000 W fixture / 450 W for a 750 W fixture.

Easy installed and controlled

Just stick the remote switch to a wall and plug the cable in. No additional power supply is required. With your lamps fully installed, you’re ready to go.
Simply rotate the knob to control your light intensity.

No seperate power supply is needed as the unit is powered through the interconnect cables.
Simply stick the unit to a wall and plug in the cable.

Choose to use the handy RS1 Remote Switch and manually adjust the intensity of light produced by your Gavita E-Series Fixture(s) from a position comfortably out the way of all the brightness and heat.

It can manage the output of 1-1000 units (wow!) – with an on/off option, a 60-100% dimming range and a 15% lamp boost when required! Just stick the box to a wall, link up the light(s) and rotate the dial to change the settings.

If you don’t need the incredible functionality and intelligent actions of a Master Controller (highly recommended), the Gavita RS1 Remote Switch gives you a really nice and simple alternative for handling your lights.

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