Gavita Pro Classic 1000w

Gavita Pro Classic 1000w grow light is the first 240 volt electronic ballast that powers the professional Gavita 1000w 400v DE (double ended) electronic High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp. This lamp has the highest PAR light output of any 1000 watt lamp, improved spectrum and the best light maintenance. Being the most efficient horticultural lamp available and the only lamp specifically developed for electronic ballasts. This is the lamp of choice for the dutch professionals.

Double ended lamps have their connections at each side of the lamp removing the need for a frame support wire inside the lamp.
The absence of a frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam. Instead of a vacuum the Gavita TD EL 1000w is gas filled which allows for a smaller arc tube, improving the optical control.

The way that the system works is that UK mains power (230 Volts) is fed directly to the combined ballast and reflector via a standard mains power lead. The special ballast then converts the mains electricity to drive the special double ended 400 Volt / 1000 Watt EL lamp. The distance from the ballast to the lamp is very short. Meaning that virtually no power is lost through the connecting cable. The reflector has been especially designed to give a superbly even light spread despite it’s small size. The surface of the reflector has one of the best coatings available and gives at least 95% reflectivity.

  • Professional level horticultural lighting converted for domestic use
  • Produces more light than standard 1000 Watt lighting systems
  • Power switch with 6 settings: 600W, 660W, 750W, 825W, 1000W, 1150W
  • Runs cooler than standard 1000 Watt lighting systems
  • Better colour spectrum than a standard 1000 Watt lighting system
  • Uses the same amount of power as a standard 1000 Watt lighting system
  • Gives at least 10% higher yields compared to a standard 1000 Watt lighting system
  • Runs off a normal 230 Volt domestic mains supply
  • Includes lamp and combined ballast & reflector