G.A.S Sonic Air Humidifier Pro

G.A.S Sonic Air Humidifier Pro Using the SonicAir Pro Humidifier from Global Air Supplies you’ll always have correct humidity level in your grow room, regardless of the vegging of flowering period in use. With its sleek and durable design, the SonicAir Pro excels at turning RO water into a fine mist, using its 10 ultrasonic ceramic disks to create 6.5 litres of mist per hour! This mist is then directed into the outlet funnel, which can be turned 360 degrees, allowing it to be aimed at certain low humidity areas or connected up to a 150mm piece of ducting for extra humidifying accuracy. This unit is fully compatible with various header tanks, allowing it to run long term, providing weeks of trouble-free & hands-off operation.

  • Creates optimal grow room humidity levels, making happier plants, faster growth rates and bigger yields!
  • Connects directly to a header tank, topping up automatically via an internal float valve
  • Produces up to 6.5 litres of mist per hour, that can be focused anywhere using the outlet funnel
  • Accurate humidity levels accelerate all stages of plant development, even in late flower
  • Can be controlled via the G.A.S. Enviro Controller or as a standalone unit
  • Features an in-built over flow valve and drain plug
  • Water indicator level LED turns red when water levels are low
  • Automatically switches off when RO water levels run low, protecting the ceramic disks and fan
  • Replaceable ceramic disks available on request
  • Runs extremely quiet (less than 35 dB)
  • Easy and quick to install, with wheels for easy movement
  • Sleek design made from durable and hard-wearing moulded plastic
  • Can be used in various areas including greenhouses, propagation rooms or orchid/mushroom cultivation
  • 1x GAS SonicAir Pro
    1x 150mm Outlet FunnelDimensions
    37cm x 41cm x 47cm


    Power consumption:
    300 Watts

    Compatible Controllers

    G.A.S Intelligent Humidity Controller
    G.A.S Enviro Controller
    GSE Humidifier / Dehumidifier Controller (8-Amp)

    How the SonicAir Pro Works:

    All plants need water, indeed most plants are composed mostly of water. For this reason, the health of a plant will depend directly on the relative humidity of its surroundings. Leaves lose water via evaporation through their stomata – small openings in special cells on the leaf surface where gaseous exchanges take place. If the relative humidity is too low, a plant will start to give up some of its water into the surrounding air, which can have a very negative effect on plants, typically causing wilting, stress and poor health. Boosting levels of moisture can improve plant transpiration, nutrient uptake, cell division in vegetative plants, which has a knock-on effect on fruit/bud development.

    The SonicAir Pro is capable of producing an incredible 6.5 litres of mist per hour for plants to grow and thrive, from the early stages of veg right through until late flower and pairs perfectly with the G.A.S Intelligent Humidity Controller unit. Reverse Osmosis water is fed to the unit via a separate Header Tank and an internal float valve regulates how much water the unit contains at any given time. The SonicAir Pro uses a diaphragm and ten ceramic disks, vibrating at great intensity to create a cool mist of water vapor, which is then propelled towards the outlet funnel using the in-built fan. This vapor can then be directed to any low humidity area or vented directly into 150mm ducting for use elsewhere in the grow room environment.

    In case of an unexpected overflow, the SonicAir Pro is equipped with a over flow valve (that can be directed to a suitable drainage point) to drain off excess water. A drain plug is also located beneath the unit if you need to completely drain the system. If RO water levels drop to low from the header tank, then the SonicAir Pro has a LED light that indicates low water levels. When water levels dry up completely the unit has a automatic shut-off switch that cuts power to the fan and ceramic disks, protecting both from harm.

    How to use the SonicAir Pro:

    Place the unit on a level surface, such as a work bench or floor. In a ventilated area, place the unit near the intake end of the room. When at the desired location connect a water supply to the water inlet on the side of the unit and the SonicAir Pro will begin it fill until the float valve is activated. If you are using the GAS Enviro Controller with the SonicAir Pro, connect the SonicAir Pro to the controller using either one of the “exit” plugs on the side of the controller. Once connected, proceed to navigate the menu system to find the SonicAir Pro and configure the unit accordingly. Your G.A.S Enviro Controller will then control the flow of mist created by the SonicAir Pro using its probe.