G.A.S Enviro Controller

Govern Every Aspect of Your Grow Room Environment with the Enviro Controller

The Enviro Controller takes care of fan speeds for both AC and EC fans – and not only that, it can also regulate ‘on’ and ‘off’ times for practically any piece of equipment in your grow room! Lights (up to 1200w), heaters, humidifiers, and even pumps, can be controlled using data gathered from the environment. This simplifies your set-up, making it easy to maintain a perfect environment from a single point.

  • Can run both AC and EC fans (AC fans up to a maximum of 2200 watts)
  • Perfect for use with the Systemair Revolution Vector fan range or Hyper fans
  • Operates individual night and day settings for your grow room
  • Controls and regulates temperature and humidity levels quickly and accurately
  • Large LCD display shows all your current grow room information
  • Simple to navigate menu options are easy to setup and refine
  • Plug in extra heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers or timers using the exit sockets, all controllable from the Enviro Controller
  • Can control up to 2 x 600w grow lights for complete lighting and ventilation control
  • Comes with long temperature, humidity and light sensor


1 x Enviro Controller from Global Air Supplies

20cm x 9cm

Max Amp:
13 Amp total

Power Lead Length:
1.2 metres

Probe Length:
3.8 metres

How the Enviro Controller Works:

Controlling your fan speed can be critical to the success of your indoor garden. When cold outdoor temperatures hit, it’s handy to be able to reduce air intake flow a little, allowing your grow lights and heaters to compensate. The same can be said for hot summer months, when outside temperatures play havoc with your indoor environment. In this case, turning fans up helps to keep air temperatures optimal. The Enviro Controller controls temperature and humidity levels using its thermostat and humidity sensor. The Enviro Controller can regulate either AC fans or EC fans, keeping your grow room parameters in check at all times.

The Enviro Controller has an easy-to-program operating system, from which you can govern every aspect of your grow room’s environment, including lights (up to 2 x 600w), heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and even pumps – practically anything that needs to be switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ that doesn’t exceed the total 13 amp rating. Just plug your equipment into the two ‘exit’ plug sockets. These sockets are fully programmable, using information gathered by the probes to switch equipment on when it’s needed.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the exit sockets can do:

Heaters – these can be set to come on when temperatures drop below certain levels. Unlike a typical thermostatic set-up, you can select different temps for daytime and nighttime!

Humidifiers – set your humidifiers to come on whenever moisture levels drop below your chosen levels. Again, this can be set differently for daytime and nighttime.

Dehumidifiers – works in the same way as for humidifiers, but in the opposite fashion, switching equipment on as moisture levels rise above your selected daytime or nighttime settings.

Timer – you can control any growroom equipment (as long as you don’t exceed 13-amp) down to the second! So you can switch everything from your grow lights (up to 2 x 600w) to your grow system pumps.

How to use the Enviro Controller:

Instructions are included with the Enviro Controller from Global Air Supplies however here’s a brief guide. Ensure your AC or EC fans are turned off at this point before connecting the Enviro Controller. Mount the unit somewhere safe and secure away from any water supply or where water spillage may occur, at this point ensure that the Enviro Controller is also turned off. Hang the probe sensor in the centre of the grow room and proceed to connect your AC or EC fans into the correct sockets then, connect up any other grow room electronics into the sockets below marked “Exit 1” and “Exit 2”. Once you have everything connected, turn on the Enviro Controller at the wall and proceed to navigate the menu and dial in the grow room and equipment to your desired temperatures and humidity levels along with fan settings and timed equipment.