Full Set Up Kit – Basic

Perfect for new, first time growers, or small scale growers on a budget! Take the hassle out of equipment shopping and buy one of our full set ups today and save money! Containing state of the art, modern equipment you can be sure that our full kits will give you everything you need to grow extremely high quality produce. Our basic grow set up contains:

Gorilla tent 1.2 x 1.2

5” Inline TT Fan, 5” Can Lite Filter, 5” Foil Ducting, Jubilee Clips

1x Hortiking Digi Light Kit (Shade and Ballast Included)

1x Ratchet Hangers

1x Thermometer

4x 18L Round Pots and 4x 18L Round Saucers

2x Bag of Mills Light Mix OR Canna Coco Natural

1x Windking Oscillating Wall Fan

1x Starter Feed Kit (Canna Coco A&B OR Canna Terra & Flores) 1L, 250ml Canna Rhizotonic

1x Heavy Duty Timer

Upgrade to premium, by adding Autopot 4 Pot System

Please email for alternative products.