Fortefog Fumer

Fortefog Fumer, Suffered from a particularly bad outbreak of bugs? Fumigate your grow room with a Fortefog P fumer.

Once activated, it releases a mix of Permethrin and Potassium Chlorate fumes into your grow room to kill insects and mites over a 16 hour period.

It’s a great way of sterilising your grow room between crops. You can use it to treat areas up to 80m3.

  • For the control of Flying insects bedbugs fleas (includes mask and gloves)
  • Lofts and hard to get places
  • Most insects including bed bugs and fleas
  • Close windows and doors light the fuse & leave the room
  • Leaves no smell or residue

Available Sizes:Mini Fumer 3.5g, Midi Fumer 11g, Maxi Fumer 27g, Jumbo Fumer 100g