Emerald Harvest Honey Chome

Honey Chome enhances what your customers want most—fragrance, flavor, color and potency—imparting a robust bouquet and plenty of resins to flowers.

Sticky, resinous buds and blooms
Intense aroma and flavor, and vivid color
Happy beneficial microbes in the root zone
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Honey Chome blends sucrose and monosaccharides in just the right amounts to sustain a thriving rhizomicrobial ecosystem and enhance crop quality.

Carbohydrates derived from sugar cane, palm sugar and agave nectar
Extra magnesium for photosynthesis and sugar translocation
Additional nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Potent, attractive buds

Boosts terpenes and resins and increases flavonoid production.

Earth-friendly carbs

Contains sugars derived from nature and no artificial ingredients.

Food for bennies

Nourishes beneficial microbes that defend and plump up the roots.

Additional energy

Provides all-natural sources of instant energy right to the roots.

Extra macronutrients

Your crops won’t object to traces amounts of N, P, K and Mg.

Hydro friendly

Formulated not to clog lines or gum up the reservoir.

Guaranteed Analysis
Honey Chome | 0.5-0.5-1
Derived from magnesium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, and potassium sulfate.

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:
2.0% cane sugar (microbe food)
1.0% palm sugar (microbe food)
2.0% agave nectar (microbe food)

Available Sizes:

Emerald harvest honey chome 0.95l
Emerald havest honey chome 3.79l
Emerald harvest honey chome 22.71l