Ecothrive 70/30 Coco perlite CHARGED

Ecothrive 70/30 Coco perlite CHARGED. This Lite Mix contains the winning combination of 70% Coco, 30% perlite and 1% Charge. It works especially well when used with young plants or freshly rooted cutting due to the lighter fertilisation of the medium. Ecothrive Lite Mix grown plants are stronger, healthier and more vigorous than standard coco grown specimens, and it’s also much harder to over water them.

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  • Amazing aeration of your root zone
  • Pre-blended with Ecothrive charge, for a unbeatable biological boost
  • Full of beneficial bacteria, chitin and naturally occurring trichoderma
  • Ecothrive 70/30 (coco/perlite) Lite Mix uses RHP certified, fully buffered coco
  • Pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge at 1% volume
  • Improves root growth and optimises nutritional uptake
  • Less prone to over watering than pure coco
  • Can be used with freshly rooted cuttings or vigorous seedlings for exponential root growth

Powered by Charge

Ecothrive Coco Clay uses RHP certified, buffered coco that has been pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge at 1% by volume. This mixing ratio makes it ideal for almost all applications.

Easy to Use

Simply pour out the bag into a pot, break any compressed lumps, settle the mix by tapping edges and base of pot, and plant up.

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