Dutch Pro Silica

Dutchpro Silica – Von Liebig’s Special is used to increase yield and stress train your plant. Silica improves the uptake of nutrients, promotes stronger and thicker stems, provides resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases and decreases stress. Silica also allows for better root development and faster growth. Dutchpro Silica – Von Liebig’s Special is highly concentrated and uses nanotechnology for an increase in effectivity.
NPK: 0,1 – 0,1 – 0,1

*No PGRs are used in any of our products

Silica Dutchpro Nutrients
Bushier Plants, Thicker Stems
Silica increases the resistance against heat and drought and allows plants to develop thicker stems. This results in faster sap flow and more nutrients can be transported to the right parts of your plant. Over time, your plants will develop visibly thicker fruits, who are not only bigger, but also sweeter and heavier.

Dutchpro Nutrients
Improved Resistance Against Stress & Drought
Dutchpro Nutrients
3,8% Mono Silicic Acid
Dutchpro Nutrients
Dosage: 0,4 mL per 1 L