Dutch Pro Leaf Green

Dutch Pro Leaf Green gives plants a healthy and vital appearance. It is especially recommended for those that have noticeable difficulties during their initial development. Leaf Green contains several vital micro nutrients that helps plants during times of nutrient deficiency.It also stimulates the production of green pigment in the leaves. The high-quality components will completely be absorbed by the plants.

Nutrient deficiency harms plants and makes it vulnerable for fungi- and bacteria related diseases. Nutrient deficiency can be discovered by leaves turning yellow.Leaf Green turns this yellowish discoloring plants in a far more attractive and fresh looking green colour, whilst also helpfully improving nutrient uptake.Leaf Green also stimulates the production of green pigment in the leaves, this will improve the photosynthetic process that is needed for a great result.
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Helps to prevent nutrient deficiency
  • Leaves stay green
  • Improves the production of chlorophyll
  • Optimal absorption by the plant
  • Suitable for every irrigation system
  • No residue

How to use:

Dutch Pro Leaf Green can be used for plants grown in any type of grow-system and in any grow-medium. Dutch Pro Leaf Green is normally used during the cutting and veg stages to help fix nutrient deficiencies during this demanding time. Begin to use as soon as you see yellowing leaves. This product is not intended as a root-feed and should not be added to feed water or hydroponic reservoirs.

Always shake the bottle well before use. Transfer the liquid from the bottle to your spray-gun and set the nozzle to fine mist.

Spray your plants from top to bottom ensuring no part is missed. Ensure that the topsides, and most importantly, the undersides of all leaves are wet completely. As always with foliar sprays, only use in low light intensity conditions and ensure none gets on your grow-lamp. The ideal time to spray your plants is when your grow-lamp has just gone out for the dark-cycle while the stomata are still open. This allows time for the spray to be absorbed before the lamp comes back on. Reducing the chance of foliar burns due to intense light hitting wet leaves.

We caution against foliar spraying during heavy flowering or fruiting as this may encourage mould.

Dosage: Use straight from the bottle as a foliar spray when leaves are yellowing and to help struggling cuttings/clones.