Dutch Pro Hydro Coco Grow

Dutch Pro Hydro Coco Grow are fast becoming one of the most popular nutrients on the market today. This is because growers the world over are finally finding out the secret of professional Dutch growers for themselves. After 30 years of producing some of the finest plant nutrients, Dutch Pro are at last getting the recognition they deserve in countries other than just Holland. Dutch Pro Original Grow Hydro/Coco A&B for Hard Water is a 2-part nutrient for use in all hydroponic systems and for plants grown in coco while they are in the vegetative growth cycle in hard water areas. Dutch Pro produces some of the fastest, healthy growing plants that you’ll find anywhere, and the fact that they have spent the money on what’s inside the bottle rather than on fancy packaging means that they’re great value-for-money too. It’s no wonder that Dutch Pro are becoming so popular!

  • Dutch Pro – The choice of professional growers in Holland for over 30 years
  • Original Grow – formulated for use in the vegetative growth phase
  • Formulated to work brilliantly in hydroponic mediums and coco
  • Leaves no residue and contains no urea
  • Especially developed for hard water areas
  • Perfect for use with the range of Dutch Pro boosters and additives

How Dutch Pro -Hydro/Coco A&B Works

Dutch Pro Original Grow A&B is a 2-part nutrient especially for use in the vegetative cycle. The Hard Water version has been optimised for use in hard water areas. Dutch Pro Original Grow can be used with all types of hydroponic systems and systems using coco. Dutch Pro Original Grow contains a sophisticated blend of ingredients to provide all the basic macro and micronutrients that plants need for strong, healthy growth. Dutch Pro particularly recommend the use of their Multi Total, Take Root and Keep It Clean with this nutrient. Dutch Pro also produce their own pH down for Grow product, based on nitric acid rather than the usual phosphoric acid. This is because nitric acid works better in the growth stages.

Sizes available:

Dutch Pro Hydro/Coco Grow Part A 1L

Dutch Pro Hydro/Coco Grow Part B 1L

Dutch Pro Hydro/Coco Grow Part A 5L

Dutch Pro Hydro/Coco Grow Part B 5L