DiffuseAir Want an even climate? Forget pedestal and clip-on fans – free up floor space and mix air with the revolutionary DiffuseAir!

To use it, you’ll need to attach it to an RVK inline fan

Use it to mix air (hang from ceiling)…OR…evenly diffuse air as it’s drawn in (attach to existing RVK intake fan).

Either way, you won’t lose any floor space.

There’s no risk of windburn, over-fertilisation or salt build ups caused by harsh air streams either the DiffuseAir is never pointed directly at plants!

Forget about hot spots around plants! With a DiffuseAir hung from your ceiling. This gently freshens the environment around plants.

It’s easy to hang your DiffuseAir System with rope ratchets or chain. You can suspend one in the centre of a square tent, or use multiples in larger areas.

  • Designed for grow rooms! The best way to mix air
  • Fix to RVK intake fan for use
  • Dual-use! Hang from ceiling (mix static air) OR attach to inline ducting (diffuse air drawn in)
  • Save floor space
  • No risk of harsh air streams that harm plants
  • No more hot microclimates
  • Easy to hang with rope ratchets or chain
  • Ideal in closed-loop & ventilated room

Grow room

The risk of air streams If too much air is blown at the plants and the leaves are flapping in the breeze, plant lose too much more water.
This increases water uptake and causes nutrients to build up around roots. This can lead to over-fertilisation.
Very harsh air streams can cause wind burn, where the leave will go crispy and brown at the edges.

The DiffuseAir mixes without causing harsh air streams. Do not point directly at plants but hang from the ceiling. It pulls in air from the top of your grow room and pushed out above the canopy!
The directional air flows across the tops of the plants naturally draws air up from within the canopy, gently refreshing the environment surrounding the plant.

How to use DiffuseAir

Don’t forget, the DiffuseAir must be used with an RVK inline fan.
To mix air
To mix the air in your grow room, attach to an RVK inline fan and hang from your ceiling. Suspend one in the centre of a square tent, or use multiples in larger areas.
To diffuse intake air
To diffuse air that’s drawn in, attach it to your intake RVK fan – make sure your RVK intake fan is at the top of your grow room.
For best results
For best results, use with a filter to remove dust and mould spores.

Key features of the DiffuseAir include:

  • Uniformly distributes CO2 rich air around the grow space
  • Eliminates unwanted microclimates, hot and cold spots
  • Decreases the chance of wind burn on the plants leaves
  • Use with an RVK, Kaizen or similar extraction fan (not included)
  • Easy to fit and hang using rope ratchets or similar
  • Available in 4″ through to 10″ duct sizes