Designer Blast 400ml

Designer Blast 400ml Autosmart Blast a powerful de odouriser which neutralises the most unpleasant of smell’s.

New Blast air freshener fragrance. The alluring Designer fragrance has similar characteristics to a leading aftershave and is also designed to quickly reodourise vehicle and interior spaces.

Powerful aerosol air freshener, with a unique high discharge nozzle. Blast combats malodours and quickly adds a long-lasting freshness to a vehicle or room. Blast is also suitable for use in large rooms and spaces. Also available in a wide variety of fragrances.

  • Long lasting air freshener for car and home
  • Blast Air Fresheners combine a powerful air freshener with 21st century aerosol technology to quickly decontaminate and freshen air
  • Shake well and spray a 2 second burst in an upward direction. Use sparingly in confined spaces.


Shake Can well. Spray a 2 second burst in an upward direction into an interior space. Allow at least 30 seconds for the product to disperse before entering treated area. Remove over spray with a damp cloth.