Canna Phosphorus (P20%) Mono 1L

CANNA Mono Phosphorus is a top-quality one component nutrient, which promotes strong blooming. The product is made for the flowering stage. Thanks to its liquid form, the product is easy to absorb by plants. It’s perfect to treat Phosphorus (P) deficiencies and to stimulate flowering. Growers use the product to achieve top-quality harvests and increased yields.


General Information

  • The CANNA Mono Phosphors is made for the blooming stage;
  • The one component nutrient comprises 20% P2O5;
  • The product is suitable for use with plants growing in soil, Rockwool, and coco.



  • It’s a high-performance formula;
  • Plants can easily absorb the product;
  • It’s made at CANNA’s quality and performance standards.


The Science

The product contains 20% P2O5, which influences bloom and secondary metabolites. The product is easy to absorb by plants, thanks to its liquid form. It’s the best product to stimulate flowering and treat P deficiencies. The mineral has a major role in plants’ energy systems.


How to Use

Use between 1ml and 2ml of product per 1L of water. Avoid overdose as it may cause Calcium and Potassium deficiencies. Store the product in a safe and protected area, away from extreme temperatures. Avoid contact with your eyes or skin. In case of such contact, immediately rinse with water and seek medical assistance.