Can Q-Max EC LCD Fan Controller

Can EC LCD Digital Fan Speed Controller

Ec Adjustable fan speed controller for Can Q MAX EC Fans.  Compatible with EC Fans only.

The Temperature Model comes with a built in temperature probe and allows you to maintain a set specific temperature automatically

The EC Fan Controller of Can-Fan, with its LCD screen, is an advanced climate controller that allows you set temperature and humidity, besides other interesting functions like hysteresis, negative pressure, maximum and minimum speed of CAN Fan EC extractors.
It has a speed setting for ventilated areas, controlling the airflow going in and out from the room. The controller also has the capacity of maintaining a constant temperature and humidity in the grow room, being possible to adjust options for daytime and nighttime independently
(always maintaining a negative preassure to avoid odor scape from the room).
All functions to monitor parameters of growing area are measured within a probe (incorporated) that offers instant readings of those values, what allows a quick and efficient regulations of enviromental conditions.

One of the advantages of EC Fan Controller is its quick installation, and easy use, that allows to control up to 10 Can Fan EC extractors, non being necessary to electrically protect connections. Every extractor can be connected in line with the following (and also with the controller) within a jack connector, thanks to the low voltage needed to regulate them, switch them ON or OFF. This controller includes some velcro stickers to attach the unit to any surface.
The controller includes an humidity and temperature probe, with a 4 meter cable to place it whereever you prefer (it is important to don’t place the probe close to a heat/cold source that could cause a false reading of the growing-area conditions.
To set the Fan Controller it is needed to connect extractors to the Socket 1, intractors to the socket 2, the humidity/temperature probe to Sensor socket. Once everything is connected we only need to assign the desired parameters
(humidity, temperature and humidity hysteresis, minimum speed and maximum speed for fans, and also daytime-nightime function) and it is ready to use.

Type: Can Fan EC climate controller;
Functions: Humidity, temperature and hysteresis control;
Special functions: Daytime and nightime function, maximum and minimum speed, humidity and temperature hysteresis, negative pressure;
Control: LCD screen.