Buddhas Tree Organicus 1L

Buddhas Tree Organicus 1L is a 1 – part premium organic liquid feed that surpasses all previous feeds available on the market.

A single part base feed that’s used in both growth and flower phases, making things easier for growers, whether beginner or experienced.

Not only does this organic base feed keep your plants in the sweet spot but it also aids the uptake of all nutrients available to them.

Organicus 99 is a 1-part base nutrient, containing all the elements to sustain a healthy crop from propagation right through until harvest. Less mixing, fewer bottles while maintaining the yields you’re used to.

Organic sources of plant nutrition can produce a much tastier crop due to the increased terpene and flavonoid content that are responsible for smell and flavour. Combine Organicus with your regular additives to bring the yields you’re used to but with the quality improvement of organics.

See what Buddhas tree Organicus can do for your harvest today!

A small amount of Citric Acid aids performance
Super clean end product
Easy to flush plants
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Can be used in Soil, all mixes, Coco, 60/40 and also Hydroponic systems