Buddhas Tree Meta Boost

  • High power flowering stimulant to boost yields
  • Value for money – highly concentrated
  • Compatible with all irrigation systems
  • Improves quality of end yield
  • Promotes growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Developed by world leading chemist
  • Highly popular flowering stimulant

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost does exactly what the name suggests. The metabolism of your entire plant is boosted to improve it in almost every way, which in turn leads to a larger yield with an improved quality from the increased production of associated essential oils and terpenes. Designed to be used throughout the flowering cycle alongside your regular nutrient programme, Buddhas Tree actively promotes and encourages growth rates and flower production, essentially supercharging your hydroponic garden!

Buddhas Tree are a manufacturer that specifically focuses on formulating nutrient additives used in hydroponics. These are the sort of elements that may not be necessary to plants fundamental requirements during growth, but rather they will enhance the rate at which a plant will perform overall. The right additives at the right time can produce astounding results in plant growth, something Buddhas Tree understand and have capitalised on very well.


Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost is the result of the precise formulation of a wide range of powerful plant stimulant, combined in a unique way to ensure your plants perform at the most optimum rates possible. It is formulated from a seaweed extract, a beet extract, plus other secret proprietary ingredients. These are refined and combined in a way to provide a wide range of benefits, not just directly to your growing plants, but also to the beneficial micro life that supports the root system as a whole.

This proprietary blend of ingredients provides a unique blend of amino acids, plant hormones, sugars, trace elements, vitamins and carbs for the benefit of your plants and their roots. You are unlikely to find a more concentrated and effective plant metabolism booster currently on the hydroponic market, that will contain such a powerful array of ingredients. Because of its exceptional performance, Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost is fast becoming the number one hydroponic metabolic booster on the market.


Primarily, the hormones that Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost contains (Auxins/cytokinins etc) speed up your plants entire metabolic process. This means that every function that your plant performs, translocating nutrients, up-taking nutrients/water, creating sugars/hormones, is enhanced to an astonishing rate. These hormones are also influential on cell division, so the growing plant will divide its cells at a much faster rate than usual. More plant cells = more flowers = more fruits! Terpene and essential oil production is also enhanced in your flowers, resulting in a much more flavoursome crop than usual.

Further to just influencing plant growth habits, Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost provides the building blocks of many elements that a plant would usually need to naturally produce itself. For example, rather than having to create a specific sugar or amino acid itself, Meta-Boost provides many of these key components directly to the plant, saving it vital energy which it can then use to create and develop its flowers. In particularly stressful environments, a plant may struggle to do this at a ‘normal’ rate. Meta-Boost provides the means to this end and offers the plant almost everything it could ask for during the flowering period, improving the overall yield, vigour and quality poof the final product.


Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost is a highly concentrated formulation to be used throughout the plants entire lifecycle. Beginning with a lower dosage during the vegetative cycle and gradually increasing the application rate throughout flower, Meta-Boost provides a powerful plant growth stimulant for all stages of your growth cycle. Being a particularly strong concentration, you also get a lot of bang for your buck.

Always ensure to follow the growth schedule when looking for the appropriate application rates. Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost has been specifically formulated to work alongside the full range of Buddhas Tree additives, which can be used in conjunction with any line of base nutrients you may already be using. Meta-Boost is suitable for use on any type of substrate: soil, coir, pebbles or rockwool. It is a highly versatile and powerful plant stimulant that no garden should be without.


Always mix your nutrients separately to the nutrient solution, so they never contact each other in their concentrated form. This can cause certain elements to react in a detrimental way and you may not see the benefits of the product as you would normally expect.