British Organic Bio Light Mix 50L

BioBizz Light Mix is a 100% organic, lightly fertilised potting soil. This makes it ultimate soil for establishing plants, seedlings or cuttings. This formula is designed to encourage accelerated rooting and healthy, sustained growth.

The completely natural blend of ingredients contains black peat, white peat, compost, worm cast and perlite. It comes pre fertilised at roughly half the rate of All Mix; to an EC of around 1.2. Light mix is designed to mimic a top quality, outdoor soil and is suitable for most indoor grow rooms, helping you to grow outstanding organic fruits and flowers.

How to use BioBizz Light Mix

Biobizz Light Mix can be used alongside BioBizz fertilisers, straight out of the bag. Being lightly pre-fertilised, Light mix makes a great foundation to add other organic products, such as insect frass (Ecothrive’s Charge) or Bat Guano (Plagron). If you like to play around with organic gardening you can create your own bespoke potting mixes to match your requirements.

Preparing the soil before you plant into it can provide significant benefits to how well your plants respond to the environment after transplanting. We recommend that you moisten the soil slightly and store it in a warm place for around 3 days before use. This will ensure the microbial life is completely active from the moment you choose to add your plants to pot. Once the soil has been prepared, we recommend you break up and compacted lumps that may have formed. When adding the mix to your pots be sure not to compact the soil down. It is highly preferable to have the optimum amount of aeration and drainage within the entire pot. You can now shake and tap the pot whilst filling, this ensures the soil settles nice and evenly.

Light Mix is designed to work in conjunction with the full BioBizz bottled nutrient line. It contains very low nutrients (EC 1.2) so potentially, you will need to use one of their fertilisers after the first or second watering, depending on your plant type. You will not need to use Grow or Bloom nutrients during this initial period, however many growers find a significant benefit from adding BioBizz Root Juice to the soil. This rooting stimulant has been proven to give your plants a head start by encouraging vigorous root development right from the start of growth.

BioBizz Light Mix is also pre-buffered for pH and the limiting agent used in Light Mix will automatically correct and pH variations in the substrate back to the optimal level. It is possible to reuse your growing media, if you choose to. It would be advisable to add some dolomite lime each time, this will ensure the pH buffer is still existing and accurate.

Water your plants at a constant and gradual rate. This methodical watering will ensure that the pot is completely saturated, and the solution has not just made its way straight out of the bottom of your pot. Slowly feel the weight of your pot after irrigation and wait until this weight is almost half before the next irrigation. The peat may struggle to absorb the water if you leave it too long between watering. We recommend the use of a wetting agent to stop water gathering on the surface.