British Organic Bio All-Mix 50L

British Organic Bio Organic All-Mix is a 100% natural, premium peat mix growing media designed to maximise produce quality and optimise yields.

Pre-fertilised and activated using certified organic materials, with a combination of the finest grades of black and white peat, this impressive soil-based product represents a serious challenger to the established European brands and offers fantastic value for money!

  • 100% natural, premium peat mix growing media
  • Designed to maximise produce quality and optimise yields
  • Pre-fertilised and activated using certified organic materials
  • Contains a combination of the finest grades of black and white peat
  • Made in Britain – no import costs mean major savings for you!
  • Super convenient and ready to go straight out of the bag
  • Contains enough fertiliser for 2-4 weeks of use without nutrients or additives
  • Free draining and airy structure with reduced perlite
  • Available in a 50L bag
  • Highly recommended alongside the full B.O.B range

Best Of British

As the name suggests, the British Organic Bio range is made in the UK!

Focusing on the application of premium quality materials, with the added benefit of no import costs, the manufacturer finds itself able to offer top tier products at incredibly attractive prices. Beginner, pro or somewhere in the middle, you really do get amazing value for money!

An All-Mix Masterclass

B.O.B Organic All-Mix features a carefully selected mix of the finest grades of black and white peat and has been pre-fertilised using certified organic materials and organic activators – making it ready to go straight out of the bag! There’s enough nutrient content in the media for 2-4 weeks of growth without the need to add extra feeds or boosters, although we do recommend trying other products from the range and following the B.O.B feed chart to achieve the best results.

Containing a low amount of perlite, British Organic Bio Organic All-Mix manages to retain a free draining and airy structure. Indeed, you should notice that there aren’t quite so many pesky perlite grains as can be seen in other similar competing options. Pleasingly this media will hold a good structure right the way through the cycle and resists compacting very well.

So take your organic growing to the next level and trust British Organic Bio Organic All-Mix!

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