BOYU L 500 Chiller

Chill Your Nutrient Solution to Perfection!

BOYU L 500 Chiller is perfect for keeping nutrient temps within optimal ranges at all times, preserving oxygen levels and protecting root systems from pythium and other root disease issues. It works almost exactly like a mini-refrigerator, and is incredibly easy to set up and run.

  • Maintains nutrients temps within optimal ranges
  • Improves nutrient uptake and oxygen levels
  • Stops the spread of pythium, algae and other problems caused by hot temperatures
  • Includes a highly accurate thermostat
  • Digital temperature control technology
  • Freon-free R134A refrigeration system
  • Has clear digital display and auto-shutdown mode to protect motor
  • Anti-corrosive titanium evaporator
  • Spring loaded handles for easy gripping
  • Low operating noise

How it works:

The Boyu Chiller works to maximise growth, yield and ward off root rot by keeping your nutrient solution at an optimal temperature. It maintains your solution at 18-21°C which provides your plants with improved oxygen levels to keep their roots healthy.

Your nutrient solution is pumped into your chiller, cooled, then pumped into your tank which makes it super efficient. Both chillers have a clear digital display, a super precise thermostat and only 3 buttons, which make it very easy to operate, and gives you ultimate control over how much you chill your nutrient solution.

By keeping your feed at an optimal temperature, you get rid of any unwanted issues such as pythium and root rot. These issues can kill any grow, so it’s important to always keep them at bay by eliminating high temperatures. These chillers comes in a tough, durable metal case with a titanium, anti-corrosive evaporator. To protect your motor, your chiller has an auto-shutdown mode that shuts off the cicuit should it over overload.

Here’s a simple diagram to show how it works:

How to use:

When using your Boyu Nutrient Chiller, it’s important to keep the temperature between 18°C and 21°C because this temperature keeps your oxygen levels high, whilst stopping your plants from being shocked by the cold or developing diseases or algae.

Make sure to position your chiller outside of the grow area if possible, as they do generate heat when they are used. Position it at least 40cm away from walls on either side, and correctly spec the chiller for the volume of water being treated. You must also correctly spec the water pump to feed the chiller, as it’s imperitive to get the rate of water flow through the unit right.

When using the chiller with a low reservoir (NFT/RDWC/RUSH system), make sure that you keep it in a well ventilated area and then locate the chiller input pump at the end of your tank that is nearest to where the chiller has been positioned for NFT. Alternatively, you can put the pump in the brain unit if using a RDWC or RUSH.

Then run a piece of 13mm Iceline from the outlet of the pump to the inlet of the chiller, as well as running a piece of Iceline from the outlet of the chiller to the furthest away end of your NFT tank. If using a RUSH or RDWC, simply chill the brain unit, as the water flow will quickly circulate around all the pots.

The chiller must be cleaned after every crop to remove any mineral deposits and lime scale. Just fill the chiller with clear pickling vinegar, leave for 24 hours, and then flush it with water. Ensure that you also set up an air circulator fan near the chiller to avoid any heat build up.