Bluelab Conductivity Probe Care Kit

Bluelab Conductivity Probe Care Kit Maintaining nutrient solution at the correct conductivity level is a crucial aspect of hydroponic gardening – that’s why it’s essential that you pay due care to the maintenance of your testing equipment. The Bluelab Probe Cleaning Kit contains everything needed to keep your Bluelab Truncheon working in perfect order for years to come.

  • Everything required to clean your Bluelab Truncheon
  • Preserves the accuracy of your Bluelab Truncheon
  • Comes with cleaning liquid and chamois for probe maintenance
  • Also comes with conductivity liquid and beaker for testing
  • Very easy to use, with clear instructions

Bluelab Conductivity Probe Cleaning Kit for EC/CF/PPM Truncheon

Measuring the conductivity levels of nutrients is an essential aspect of hydroponic gardening, providing accurate information about the strength of the solution, and allowing you to tailor feed to your plants’ exact requirements. The Bluelab Truncheon is by far the most popular, tried-and-tested piece of kit for doing this exact job. Because it plays such an important role, it makes sense to take adequate care of it! The Bluelab truncheon is renowned for its reliability, but any dirt or residue on the probe may effect its readings and cause you to administer nutrients that may be too strong or too weak for their exact needs. With a small amount of maintenance work and a Conductivity Probe Cleaning Kit, you can ensure that your truncheon produces accurate information for years to come!

The kit comes with cleaning solution and a chamois to administer it, as well as a plastic beaker and some 27.7CF (2.77 EC) conductivity liquid for testing the truncheon after cleaning. You can then go about your feeding regimen with complete peace of mind, knowing that readings are as they should be.

Using the Bluelab Probe Cleaning Kit:

Take your EC Truncheon and carefully remove the shroud that sits around the edge of the probe tip. Take the 30ml tube of probe cleaner liquid and administer a couple of small drops to the end of the probe. Rub the liquid into the probe using the supplied chamois. Rinse the unit with clean water thoroughly so that no traces of residue remain, ensuring that the water forms a smooth film over the prove tip. If beads of water gather over the tip, repeat the previous process until you achieve the desired effect. Give the shroud a rinse and fit it back onto the end of the unit. You can now test the accuracy of the truncheon – just take the small decanter vessel (beaker) and add a small amount of the 27.7CF (2.77 EC) conductivity standard liquid. You will need just enough in there to cover the truncheon’s probe. Dip the probe tip in the liquid and test the solution. For more instructions on how to use the Bluelab Truncheon, please see the full listing here. If the cleaning process has been performed correctly, your truncheon should provide an EC reading of 2.8 or a CF of 28. If the truncheon is out by an EC of more than 0.1 or a CF of 1, repeat the cleaning process until you achieve the desired result.