BioGreen X Force 1L

Biogreen X-Force is a premium highly concentrated silicon in a monomer form. Meaning that it’s readily bio-available for the plant and thus instantly promotes plant health and increases overall biomass for a plentiful harvest of quality crops.

This super absorbable form of silicon helps to create thicker membranes around the cellular walls thus improving the toughness of both stems and leaves. It includes a host of compounds that reject fungal infection making it harder for insects to bite into the leaves and diseases to penetrate.

In addition, X-Force helps to boost chlorophyll deposits converting sugar produced during photosynthesis to encourage plant growth and boost cellular activities. It contains molybdenum which helps to improve the absorption of mineral nutrients and increases resistance to abiotic stress factors, such as sodium absorption (nutrient burn). X-Force should be used throughout the entire cycle, from start to finish.

  • Improved plant strength and resistance
  • Protects against temperature stress
  • Increased dry weight
  • Guards against drought stress
  • Protects against pests and fungal diseases
  • Better nutrient uptake
  • Increases cell wall strength (thicker stems, thicker leaves)
  • Boosts chlorophyll production
  • Enhances potassium absorption
  • Made from 100% pure raw materials

Tip: Biogreen X-force can be used with any nutrient regimen to strengthen your plants.

How to use:

0.1ml of Biogreen X-Force per 1L of water during the rooting phase.

0.1ml of Biogreen X-Force per 1L of water during the vegetation phase (week 1 to 4).

0.15ml of Biogreen X-Force per 1L of water during the flowering phase (week 1 to 8/9).

  • Always shake well before use. Before adding nutrients to the reservoir mix, ensure X-Force is added first, it is well stirred and pH balanced before adding in other nutrients.
  • In places where fungi are likely to invade the plant, deposit an additional measure of Biogreen X-Force, to create a barrier against further infection

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EC-Fertiliser type C.2.1 – Mixture of liquid micro elements.

Ingredients: K2O 2,70%, Mo 1,80%, SiO2 1,43%, B 0,20%.