A heavily fertilised soil, All Mix contains a high amount of nutrition that can see plants through 4 weeks of growth without the need to add more liquid feed – Just pot-up your plants in this mix and watch them go!

  • Heavily fertilised organic soil.
  • Enough nutrition for 4 weeks of growth
  • Biobizz products are all sourced from natural and organic ingredients.
  • Soil acts as a buffer, which helps to maintain the pH values at the correct level to facilitate plant uptake.

Far from a potting mix in your local garden centre, Biobizz soils are carefully formulated to ensure a consistent product; meaning all your plants will have a similar level of aeration and nutrition producing a more uniform crop. Biobizz soils are treated to remove any pests or insects so you can be safe in the knowledge you’re not bringing outdoor problems inside.


Biobizz is an established, well trusted brand and almost all of our organic growers use either biobizz light mix or biobizz all mix as they’re substrate in conjunction with organic nutrients like biobizz or hydrotops. While growth rates are slower in soil, it’s much more easy to produce tasty crops without a whole host of products intended to increase flavinoids, terpenes and essential oils; soil contains all the necessary micro and macro elements.

All mix can be too ‘hot’ or strong for seedlings, young plants and cuttings – consider using a soil with less nutritional content such as light mix. You can progress your plants onto a stronger soil like all mix once they’re mature and established as they’ll be able to cope with the increased nutritional levels.

All-mix includes vital micro activity which comes to life with the addition of water to the soil, producing organic catalysts that rapidly develop root structures which can be seen with profuse above ground growth.


All mix maintains optimal drainage and aeration throughout the medium – an essential property if you’re hand watering or using an automatic irrigation system.


All-Mix has been specially blended to ensure:

  • High E.C levels to push mature, hungry plants into explosive growth.
  • Optimal drainage throughout – an essential property whatever irrigation techniques you use.
  • Strong aeration qualities – roots require access to oxygen, water and nutrients.
  • Fast development of roots and vigorous growth above ground.


How to use:

Simply tear open your bag along the perforated line at the top, fluff up your soil from any compaction thats occured during transport and then put the required volume of soil in your pots.

We recommend potting up on something like a length of Floor Secure, a Flexi-Tray or a Garland Tray to reduce clean-up times once you’ve finished.