Bio Nova The Missing Link 1L

The Missing Link consists of a great number of special trace elements that have become essential for the growth and flowering of any living creature on this planet as a result of a process of millions of years of absorption and release by plants and animals, composting, re-absorption and microbe activities.

Nowadays people cultivate all sorts of crops in our over cultivated environment. They disregard the needs of crops, and often disrespect the laws of nature. These facts lead to deficiencies, which result into a great number of plagues and diseases among, not only animals and plants, but also human beings. Moreover, as a result of deficiencies of these essential nutrients, organisms are no longer able to fully develop themselves.

The administration of these indispensable nutrients leads to an unprecedented positive effect on both the quality and the yield of treated crops. This product fills the hole in the foodchain which had not been discovered before.

The Missing Link can be used in combination with X-ceL Booster. This forms an ideal combination during the growing and flowering period.

Dosage: 0.5ml per litre of clean water as a root feed. 1ml per litre as a foliar feed.

Suitable for use in all media and grow systems and can be used alongside any nutrient regime.