Yucca is a natural wetting agent / soil improver based on Yucca extract (Schidigera).

Yucca lowers the surface tension of liquids and supports the efficient use of water. It improves the water-permeable properties in case of drought. It helps plants to survive extreme heat, drought and a high salt content of the soil. Natural sugars stimulate the growth of positive soil bacteria.

Yucca provides a beautiful shine to the leaves and ensures that they dry fast when sprayed. Using Yucca makes the plant less attractive to pests. Applicable in warm and sunny conditions. Reduces soil compaction in case of excessive watering (e.g., rain). Improves water intake during drought. Ensures a proper distribution of water and fertilizers. Stimulates the growth of beneficial soil bacteria. No risk of leaf burning.

Yucca shidigera extract 100%
Yucca shidigera extract 100%
10 – 20 ml per 10 liters. Give once a week.
Spraying: (Liquefier) 50 ml per 10 liters
BAC YUCCAH can be mixed with other liquid fertilizers or
Some foam may occur during mixing, this will dissolve over time
by itself.
Suitable for all mediums
Shake well before use.
Since it is an organic product, some precipitation may occur.

Available sizes 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Litre and 5 Litre