BAC Bio Tablets

BAC Biotablets have been developed for the fertilisation of new and existing plants.

The tablets contain slow-acting fertilisers in combination with natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria. These improve soil quality, enabling optimal absorption of the fertilisers. Your plants will grow and flourish profusely. BAC Biotablets are 100% organic.

Compound organic fertilizer
NPK 12-8-8
NPK composition in weight percentages

Nitrogen total – N-up to 12.0%
Nitrate – NO3-N 4.1%
Ammonium – NH4-N 1.6%
Phosphorus pentoxide P2O5 Water soluble 8.0%
Potassium oxide K2O Water soluble 8.0%
Trace elements: Iron (Fe) 2.5%
Specific weight 1.102 g / cm³
For Potting Soil and Cocos.
Push the tablets 5 to 10 cm deep into the potting soil or coconut close to the roots. Water the plants.
5 liter jar 1 tablet.
10 liter jar 2 tablets.
20 liter jar 3 tablets.
30 liter jar 3 tablets.
50 liter jar 4 tablets.
A better and more natural alternative to slow-acting fertiliser tablets
Constant improvement and enrichment of soil life
Perfectly safe for your plants and will not burn plant roots
Unabsorbed nitrogen bonds with beneficial bacteria and will therefore not leach
The tablets do not leave any residue and are easy to use
Suitable for houseplants, tub plants, pot plants and hanging plants
We recommend that you use Biotablets in combination with Funky Fungi and BAC stimulators.

Available in boxes of 12 & 24