Autopot 16mm clickfit Inline Filter

Autopot 16mm clickfit Inline Filter allows easy connection to 16mm pipe. The filter then reduces to 6mm allowing easy connection to any AutoPot Watering Systems of between 1 and 6 modules. The fitting also has an internal filter that can be accessed with ease ensuring cleaning is made simple.

The Autopot 16mm Click-Fit Adapter and Filter connects to a 16mm Flexitank outlet and allows water to flow out of a 16mm tube. The filter stops any particles from entering the system which is very useful, especially if you have branches of 6mm pipe. Debris can easily block this size pipe and cause problems. The filter is easy to take apart, clean and put back together again. The 16mm Click-Fit Tank Adapter is the perfect way to get water flowing from your Flexitank.