AquaKing Submersible Pump

Aquaking High Pressure Sump Pumps
The Aquaking range of heavy-duty sump pumps will move over 3600 litres of water per hour through an outlet adapter that can easily be connected to various sizes of piping, making it the perfect option for those looking to move substantial volumes of nutrient solution in large systems.

Moves vast amounts of liquid with ease
Fully submersible
Consistent flow and excellent reliability
Highly robust with an excellent build quality
Various outlet sizes for easy connection
Comes in four sizes.

Aquaking Q2007 – 200 watts
Aquaking Q2503 – 250 watts
Aquaking Q4003 – 400 watts
Aquaking Q50011 – 500 watts

Flow rate:
Aquaking Q2007 – 3600 litres per hour
Aquaking Q2503 – 5000 litres per hour
Aquaking Q4003 – 7000 litres per hour
Aquaking Q50011 – 10000 litres per hour

Immersion depth :
Aquaking Q2007 – 5 metres
Aquaking Q2503 – 7 metres
Aquaking Q4003 – 7 metres
Aquaking Q50011 – 7 metres

How the Aquaking Sump Pump Works
The robust Aquaking Sump Pump can be submerged up to a depth of 7 metres and draws liquid in through its underside and drives it out through an outlet point with an external diameter of 45mm. An adapter fits onto this outlet point which reduces the outlet size to a 30mm. On to that adapter, a click-fit connector can also be screwed on to facilitate the quick and easy connection and disconnection of 13mm and 25mm (inner diameter) piping – the two standard sizes in many hydroponic and nutrient delivery systems.

How to use the Aquaking Sump Pump
Set-up of the Aquaking Sump Pump is relatively straightforward. The pump draws in any liquid that it is submerged in through its underside, driving it through its outlet point. The outlet point is supplied with a click-fit connection for ease of use. Screw the male half of the click-fit connection on to the threaded black outlet point. Standard 13mm and 25mm (inner diameter) flexi pipe can then be fitted to the female half of the adapter.

To fit 25mm pipe, remove the green screw cover from the female adapter and push the pipe over the top of the prongs that surround the outlet point, using the threads to secure the pipe in place. Dip the end of the pipe in a jug of half boiled water before pushing it on to make the job easier.

To fit 13mm pipe, first push the screw cover over the pipe so that the threaded end faces the edge of the pipe and push the pipe onto the female adapter so that it sits underneath the prongs on the outlet point. Then screw the cover back into place so that it secures the pipe. The female adapter will click into place whenever it is pushed onto the male adapter, securing it over the outlet point. The pipe and female adapter can be quickly removed from the pump and male adapter by sliding the release mechanism.

Sizes Available:

AquaKing Submersible Pump 3600ltr
AquaKing Submersible Pump 5000ltr
AquaKing Submersible Pump 7000ltr
AquaKing Submersible Pump 10000ltr