AquaKing Fogger

The Aquaking Fogger is ideal for fast, easy and precise spraying of all kinds of liquids. With its powerful 1000 watts engine and 5 litre large tank, you can atomize perfectly leaf nutrition, disinfectants, and pesticides both on a plant and in a room.

The Aquaking Electric Sprayer features a convenient shoulder strap and a flexible hose on which the droplet size can be adjusted between 10 and 150 microns. Thanks to its 10-meter long cord, the Aquaking Electric Sprayer has a very wide range.


Aquaking Fogger is a recommended product for mid-large gardens, and also for those gardens in which the plant density is high, which requires a higher efficiency to combat pests and foliar feeding of plants.

Using the AquaKing Fogger is easy. Fill up the tank with the liquid that needs applying and place the device in your growing space and switch on. The internal fan then projects the fine mist out towards your plants and will treat an area of 10m x 10m in around 40 seconds.

Conversions: 1 Teaspoon = 5mL  |  1 Tablespoon = 15 mL  |  1 Ounce = 30mL  |  1 Cup = 240 mL

The Science

In a fogponics system, water and nutrients are atomized and distributed in a mist with droplets in the range of 30-80 microns. A droplet of 50 microns is the optimal size roots can uptake, as determined by NASA’s research on aeroponic potatoes in the International Space Station during the ’90s.

Because most droplets in this range are lighter than air, they float around the root chamber until colliding with roots or other obstructions. The root chamber remains humid with roots dangling in the air, which is why it is called an aeroponic system.

For the atomization and mist to occur, an external, high-pressure pump is needed instead of the submersible, pond-style pump that is typically used in aero systems and usually produces low pressures (under 4 psi). To produce the mist or fog, pumps must run pressure in the range of 80-100 psi.

Low-pressure aeroponics uses low-pressure, high-flow pumps, whereas high-pressure aeroponics uses high-pressure, low-flow pumps. For this reason, the mist is extremely gentle and floats around like a fog in a properly tuned high-pressure, aeroponic system.

AquaKing Fogger AFK 1000

  • Increased flotation time to ensure greater absorption
  • Effective even against insects in flight
  • Strong penetration spreads fast with a uniform and adjustable spray
  • Used together with a pesticide or a cure
  • Saves huge amounts of time and effort over manual spraying
  • Lightweight and simple to use