Aquagrow Submersible Water Pump

Aquagrow Submersible Pumps are premium quality water pumps which are suitable for all hydroponics systems. Water pumps ensure that the nutrient solution is efficiently pumped to plants automatically, giving users the peace of mind when they are away from their grow room.

Aqua Grow Submersible Water Pumps are available in 4 flow rates:

  • 4000 L/HR
  • 6000 L/HR
  • 7000 L/HR
  • 12500 L/HR


Model Rated Power Flow Rate (L/HR) Max Height Max Depth Pipe Diameter
AG2006 200W 4000 4.5M 5M 1″
AG2502 250W 6000 5.5M 5M
AG4002 400W 7000 7.5M 5M
AG7508 750W 12500 8.5M 8M